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    Researcher && PhD Student @initc3 @Cornell Tech

    Applied Crypto / Distributed Systems / Programming Languages / Cryptoeconomics


    ENS: phildaian.eth

    Blog: 国内网络加速器

    Mail: phil@linux.com

    Phone: +1 646 847-9563


    Hi, I'm Phil! I'm a researcher, second year PhD student, and software engineer with a passion for computer security and applied cryptography. My research interests span several computer science subfields. My current work primarily covers cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

    I am advised by 国内网络加速器 and based in New York City.
    My work is generously supported by the 加速器 award.



    I blog extensively on cryptocurrency with a number of co-authors:

    • On-Chain Vote Buying and the Rise of Dark DAOs (2018)
    • 腾讯网游加速器加速CSGO的操作方法 - PC下载网资讯网:2021-6-13 · 想必不少玩CSGO的朋友都会被游戏里延迟困扰着,特别是自己去其他区服匹配时,延迟高的不行,那么你可伃试着用腾讯网游加速器来加速游戏,给你一个稳定的网络环境,下面来说说腾讯网游加速器加速CSGO的操作方法。 (2018)
    • Incentivizing a Robust P2P Network/Relay Layer (2018)
    • A candidate heuristic for covert ASICBoost detection on-chain (2018)
    • Parity Proposals' Potential Problems (2017)
    • 加速器去哪里下载 (2017)
    • To Sink Frontrunners, Send in the Submarines (2017)
    • The Cost of Decentralization in 0x and EtherDelta (2017)
    • An In-Depth Look at the Parity Multisig Bug (2017)
    • Bancor is Flawed (2017)
    • On Soft Fork Security (2017)
    • How I learned to stop worrying and love ETC (2017)
    • SegWit Is and Isn’t A Blocksize Increase (2017)
    • The Greening of Blockchains (2017)
    • Chasing the DAO Attacker’s Wake
    • Analysis of the DAO exploit (2016)
    • Collision Finding The Maxwell Way (2016)

    Selected Publications


    Enter the Hydra:
    Towards Principled Bug Bounties and Exploit-Resistant Smart Contracts

    Appeared (slides | video), USENIX Security 18; L Breidenbach, P Daian, F Tramer, A Juels


    KEVM: A Complete Semantics of the Ethereum Virtual Machine

    Appeared, CSF18; E Hildenbrandt, M Saxena, X Zhu, N Rodrigues, P Daian, D Guth, G Rosu


    Paralysis Proofs:
    Safe Access-Structure Updates for Cryptocurrencies and More

    Appeared, FC/BITCOIN18; F Zhang, P Daian, I Bentov, and A Juels


    Real-Time Cryptocurrency Exchange using Trusted Hardware

    Preprint; I Bentov, Y Ji, F Zhang, Y Li, X Zhao, L Breidenbach, P Daian, and A Juels


    Snow white: Provably secure proofs of stake

    Preprint; P Daian, R Pass, E Shi


    PieceWork: Generalized Outsourcing Control for Proofs of Work

    Appeared, BITCOIN17; P Daian, I Eyal, A Juels, EG Sirer


    Runtime Verification at Work: A Tutorial

    Appeared, RV16; P Daian, D Guth, C Hathhorn, Y Li, E Pek, M Saxena, TF Şerbănuţă, ...


    RV-ECU: Maximum Assurance In-Vehicle Safety Monitoring

    Appeared, SAE16; P Daian, S Shiraishi, A Iwai, B Manja, G Rosu


    Application Assurance for Open Platform In-Vehicle Infotainment System

    Patent Application; S Shiraishi, G Rosu, P Daian, A Iwai, H Kuwajima


    Active Projects

    A few selected projects I currently hack on, often with a number of excellent collaborators:

    Project Co-Lead


    True utility token allowing users to store and tokenize Ethereum's underlying computation resource, gas. Built on Ethereum as part of Project Chicago.

    腾讯网游加速器加速CSGO的操作方法 - PC下载网资讯网:2021-6-13 · 想必不少玩CSGO的朋友都会被游戏里延迟困扰着,特别是自己去其他区服匹配时,延迟高的不行,那么你可伃试着用腾讯网游加速器来加速游戏,给你一个稳定的网络环境,下面来说说腾讯网游加速器加速CSGO的操作方法。

    The Hydra Project

    Framework for economically secure smart contracts, decentralized/trustless bug and security bounties, and avoidance of error/loss. Built on Ethereum.

    腾讯网游加速器2.0 无限时长完美破解VIP会员去更新绿色版 ...:2021-6-1 · 该文章已经超过1年未更新,可能无法为您提供及时准确的资讯,请根据当下实际情况,酌情参考本文内容。 腾讯网游加速器最新无限时长完美VIP会员加速进门钥匙版由本站收集,马化腾大企鹅出品加速器高效解决国内玩家玩海外游戏的网络问题。
    Project Lead


    Playground for white hat smart contract hackers to build their skills with real on-chain challenges.

    Contributor / Advisor


    Formal semantics of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, usable for proving contracts correct.


    Snow White

    Provably secure proof of stake protocol (Sleepy model) built on an honest majority assumption.

    Lead Engineer

    RV-Monitor and Applications

    Lightweight formally rigorous verification tool for the aerospace and automotive domains.

    In addition to the above, I provide security consulting services to the for EVM-based contracts, and have advised several token and other contracts through formal reports. Some of these reports may be published at stableset.com. I'm very proud to say that my audits currently are the primary or only review on over 1B USD of cryptoassets. I also enjoy amateur lampworking!


    Sometimes my work gets noticed:

    • Sharding Is Ushering in Radical Ethereum Designs (Coindesk, 2018)
    • Smarter Bug Bounties? Hydra Codes Creative Solution for Ethereum Theft (Coindesk, 2017)
    • Ethereum Is Coding's New Wild West (Wired, 2017)
    • The Ether Thief (Bloomberg, 2017)
    • Potential Red Flags in Bancor’s ICO? (Crowdfund Insider, 2017)
    • Blockchain’s Best And Brightest Gather At IC3 Ethereum Crypto Boot Camp (Ethnews, 2017)
    • IC3 Bootcamp Winners (Ethnews, 2017)
    • How Cornell Researchers Are Quietly Reinventing Private Blockchains (Coindesk, 2017)
    • Phil Daian of IC3 joins Swap as Technical Advisor (Consensys Media, 2017)
    • In Formal Verification Push, Ethereum Seeks Smart Contract Certainty (Coindesk, 2016)
    • Expert: The DAO Was Exploited, Not Hacked, Ethereum Should Do Nothing (Coin Telegraph, 2016)
    • Ethereum’s Solidity Flaw Exploited in DAO Attack Says Cornell Researcher (Cryptocoins News, 2016)
    • Ethereum's DAO Hacking Shows That Coders Are Not Infallible (Forbes, 2016)



    I love talking about my research (some slides/videos available):

    • Ethereum All-Star Tech Talk (ETH Taipei Sharding Workshop, 2018)
    • Enter the Hydra - An Experimental Approach to Smart Contract Security (DEVCON3, 2017)
    • 快区加速器 (Fintech@Princeton, 2017)
    • Blockchain Privacy (Cornell Guest Lecture, 2017)
    • 迅游网游加速器-为网络游戏加速护航【官方网站】:2021-6-15 · 绝地求生官方指定加速器,专业的网游加速器-迅游网游加速器,新用户免费试用!有效解决玩家在网络游戏中遇到的延时过高,登录困难,容易掉线等问题,迅游网游加速器为网游保驾护航! (Devcon2, 2016)
    • Blockchain Art: Sculptures, Painting, and More! (IC3 Retreat, 2016)

    There are many more of these that I'm still gathering, so bear with me please!

    Work Experience


    Steam加速器-steam社区乱码怎么办?就用SteamSpeed ...:2021-2-5 · steam社区乱码打不开怎么办?就用SteamSpeed,SteamSpeed是一款Steam加速器,Steamcommunity302修复工具,解决Steam好友网络无法访问的问题,支持商店,愿望单,创意工坊,库存,市场等页面的加速,使玩家正常使用steam游戏平台,Steam专用加速器

    Researcher and PhD student in all things blockchain at Cornell Tech.

    My work covers a mix of distributed systems, applied security, applied cryptography, and programming languages. I collaborate with a wide range of faculty and students on a number of diverse projects, and help drive IC3's research agenda with a focus on secure smart contracts.

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    Previously: software engineer. Currently: head of smart contract strategy.

    RV is a small bootstrapped formal methods startup focusing on high precision, mathematically principled, and practical formal verification tools for a wide range of applications. My initial roles covered private R&D in the automotive and aerospace domains, and I am currently strategically overseeing RV's expansion into the smart contract domain; check out our offerings!.


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    Research programmer.

    FSL is a formal methods research group focused on increasing the quality of computing systems through research into mathematically rigorous programming techniques and tools. While at FSL, I investigated applications of the K Semantic Framework and developed the kweb tool.


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    国内网络加速器 (updated Oct 10 2017): I do everything I can to remain unbiased by conflicts in my research. For full disclosure, I hold nontrivial financial interest in Bitcoin (30%), Ethereum (50%), Ethereum Classic (10%), Bitcoin Cash (10%), and AirSwap token (??). I am a technical advisor for the AirSwap team, and have done paid / hourly consulting for Tether, OmiseGo, and some smaller tokens.